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$9per user/month


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$19per user/month

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Frequently asked questions

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Cody Free is best for individuals working on hobby projects or professional devs trying out AI coding assistants. Usage limits apply.

Cody Pro is best for professional developers who want unlimited usage and context for larger local codebases.

Cody Enterprise is for organizations needing security, scalability, and control. It uses the Sourcegraph platform to provide context of an organization's remote codebase to Cody.

Cody autocompletions are counted based on the number of suggestions that are served to the user in their IDE as ghost text. This includes all suggestions whether or not they are accepted by the user.

Cody can retrieve codebase context to personalize responses in a number of ways. One way is with embeddings, which are generated for local user repositories. Cody Free users can create embeddings for up to 200MB of code and Cody Pro users can create embeddings for up to 1GB of code.

Cody Enterprise uses Sourcegraph search to retrieve context. This method lets Cody pull context from a team's full codebase at any scale.

Email and web portal support is available to both Cody Pro and Cody Enterprise customers, and you can read more about our SLAs. Premium support with enhanced SLAs is also available as an add-on for Cody Enterprise customers.

Cody Pro is billed on a monthly basis and can be paid with a credit card.

Users can upgrade or downgrade between Cody Free and Cody Pro within their account settings at any time. To upgrade to Cody Enterprise, please contact our Sales team.

Flexible LLM options: Users can select from multiple options to use for Cody chat.

Bring your own LLM key: Enterprise customers can optionally provide their own LLM API key for supported LLMs (including for LLM services such as Azure OpenAI and Amazon Bedrock). In this scenario, customers pay for their own LLM consumption and we provide a pricing discount for Cody.

Bring your own LLM: This is a future feature that will allow customers to bring their own LLM models outside of the ones that Cody supports by default.

For more information about available LLM options, please see our docs.

For Enterprise customers, Sourcegraph will not train on your company’s data. For Free and Pro tier users, Sourcegraph will not train on your data without your permission.

Cody requires Cloud-based services to power its AI features. For customers looking for a fully self-hosted or air-gapped solution, please Contact us.

Cody Enterprise requires an annual contract. Cody Pro is paid on a monthly basis.

Note: this only applies to Enterprise Cody contracts. Cody Pro users pay for a seat every month, regardless of usage.

A billable user is one who is signed in to their Enterprise Sourcegraph account and actively interacts with Cody (e.g. they see suggested autocompletions, they run commands or chat with Cody, they start new discussions, clear chat history, or copy text from chats, they change Cody settings, and more). Simply having Cody installed is not enough to be considered a billable user.

See a more comprehensive list of user actions that are included in our docs.