Sourcegraph is an ingrained part of my daily process at SoFi. With Sourcegraph, our engineers can understand all of the repercussions of committing a change to a service that is exposed to other services.

Engineering Manager, SoFi
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SoFi manages hundreds of microservices

SoFi (Social Finance Inc.) helps its over 900,000 members achieve financial independence to realize their ambitions with products for borrowing, saving, spending, investing, and protecting their money. With Sourcegraph, SoFi can innovate and move quickly while keeping up with hundreds of microservices.

The need for cross-repository code search

When SoFi decided to switch their code host from Bitbucket to GitLab they quickly realized they would need a more powerful code search tool to search over their hundreds of repositories. They also saw an increase in issues due to overlooked code interdependencies when newer engineers committed their code changes. The need for fast and accurate code search and cross-repository code navigation led the engineering team to install Sourcegraph. As a FinTech company that contains highly sensitive data from their customers, SoFi emphasizes on security and appreciated Sourcegraph's on-prem solution.

Move fast and don't break things

As a financial institution, SoFi needs to avoid downtime—but they also need to continuously innovate to compete. SoFi runs hundreds of microservices. Their fast growth makes it difficult to maintain a complete list of the published APIs showing the interdependencies of their services. A common use case for Sourcegraph is to find which microservice is referenced by another. This ability safeguards against breaking production with code changes and avoids code duplications. SoFi's codebase is updated hundreds of times a day making Sourcegraph's real time code investigation features with “go to definition” and “find all references” across all microservices indispensable for SoFi engineers' daily coding activities, mentoring and stack trace investigations. With Sourcegraph, SoFi engineers fully understand the scope and breadth of how their code changes impact other microservices.

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